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AVL Expo is your chance to interface with the buyers and end users who use your products daily.

AVL Expo is the #1 event in Arizona for exhibitors looking to showcase their audio, video, and lighting technology to a diverse and engaged audience. The Expo offers exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their products and services to a highly targeted audience of industry professionals, including audio engineers, lighting designers, venue managers, and technical directors, among others. Exhibitors can expect to benefit from the chance to connect with potential customers, increase brand awareness, and generate new leads.

In addition to providing an excellent networking opportunity, AVL Expo also provides a platform for exhibitors to gain valuable insights into industry trends and new technology – from the people who actually use it. Unlike many other events of this type, AVL Expo is 100% free of charge and open to the public. 

Presented by Clearwing

Over 80% of confirmed attendees are invited through Clearwing’s database of prospects and current customers. The remaining 20% generally find AVL Expo through advertising, social media, and industry connections.


Things to know...

How many attendees come to AVL Expo?

We average around 600 attendees annually.

  • Over 50% of attendees are qualified buyers.
  • Backgrounds range from full-time a/v technicians, volunteers, facility and venue managers, procurement officers, students, & more.  
Is there a hotel/lodging available? Yes! We have a substantially discounted rate at the next-door Delta Hotels by Marriott Phoenix Mesa. Click here for more info. 
Where is the nearest airport?
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International - 20 Minutes
  • Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport - 25 Minutes
Why is AVL Expo on a Tuesday? As over 50% of attendees are qualified buyers (many with full time jobs), we have found over the years that Tuesdays are the simply the most efficient day for their schedules. It's easier to take a day off earlier in the week, and often times weekends are show / event days for them.
My brand is not in the entertainment technology industry, can we still buy a booth? We try to keep all booths restricted to brands within the industry, however we do make exceptions in some cases. Contact us for more info
Who is AVL Expo hosted and managed by? AVL Expo is hosted and managed by the team at Clearwing Systems Integration